Thursday , September 24 2020

AHIDA – Official Music Video Ft. Shyamoli Sanghi & Ravi Singhal HD

…..:: Basic Info ::…..

Singer – Shyamoli Sanghi & Ravi Singhal
Music Director – Ravi Singhal
Lyricist – Ravi Singhal
Music Programmer – Daniel Chiramal
Guitars – Keba Jeremiah.
Music Producer – Ravi Singhal
Mixing & Mastering Engineer – Eric Pillai @ Future Sound Of Bombay
Mix Assistant Engineer – Michael Edwin Pillai
Recording Engineer – Akshay Kamat @ RStudios (Mumbai)
Guitars recorded by – Avinash Satish @ 20DB Studios (Chennai)
BDmusicBoss Entertainment Team [BET]

…..:: Download Links ::…..

Download Link 720p HD 36 MB File

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